Those that believe in God often attribute two characteristics to Him: 1) He works in mysterious ways and 2) He has perfect timing.  Such could be said about the timing of the birth of Hip Hop and the birth of one of its formidable M.C.’s, Botney “Bar Lingo” Collins.  Both birthed during tumultuous times, and one birthed into turmoil, in perfect timing the two would soon cross paths.

Botney “Bar Lingo” Collins was born in the small, blue collar town of Muskegon Heights, MI to single mother Daphne Annette Collins and local musician Kenneth Bankhead.  The second oldest of three children, and the only male child, Bar Lingo, also known as B.L. was thrust into the role of an adult navigating the responsibilities of being a son, a brother, and ultimately a provider with little to no guidance or direction…except that which was provided from the streets.  B.L. found a way to use his hard upbringing that was riddled with poverty, violence, and substance abuse, by utilizing powerful metaphors to combat everyday obstacles that reality so harshly and vehemently dealt.  A product of the streets, B.L. had no choice but to find his own way…to walk his own path.  He used music as an outlet.